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Honey - The Nectar of Love Through the Ages

Honey - The Nectar of Love Through the Ages - SAVAGE BEE-CHES®

Looks messy and yet so tantalizing, no wonder it’s an aphrodisiac.

Honey, often referred to as the nectar of the gods, has a rich history intertwined with love, sensuality, and romance. This sweet, golden elixir has not only graced our tables but also our love stories and rituals throughout the ages. In this blog post, we'll explore the fascinating journey of honey as an aphrodisiac, its role in various cultural love rituals, and the tale of the goddess Oshun, while uncovering its sensual properties that make it an ideal gift for your Valentine.

Which one looks like they are gifting honey?

Honey in Ancient Cultures: In Ancient Egypt, honey was revered as a gift from the heavens and was a staple in love potions. The Egyptians, known for their advanced knowledge of medicine and chemistry, often incorporated honey in concoctions to enhance romance and intimacy.

Clear example is from deciphered papyri from Egypt dating third century A.D. containing magic spells. On the back of that papyrus is a list of recipes. One recipe says that a combination of honey and droppings from a bittern bird, used in a way that isn't specified, will "promote pleasure," according to the ancient text. [Sex spells discovered on ancient Egyptian papyri - CBS News]

This love potion needs more honey.

The Greeks, too, were enamored with honey’s romantic connotations. Also frequently used in spells. Here is one example from [Cursing, Binding & Love Spells: Magic of the Ancient Greeks (]

A Love Spell to Compel a Person to You

You will need the following:

  • A bowl of honey
  • Cut Fresh Fruit Apples or Pomegranates are preferable
  • A fire safe plate
  • A red candle
  • A pen, nail, or some kind of tool to carve into the temple
  • A piece of Parchment paper and pen
  • Goddess of Love Oil (optional)
To begin, carve the name of your love interest into the candle. Then anoint the candle with Goddess of Love Oil, making sure you draw the oil up the towards the wick. Place the candle in an appropriate candle holder and place it in the center of your fire-safe plate. Surround the candle with your cut fruit.Get your piece of parchment paper and write out the following petition:"Name of Person, may you be sent to me to fulfill my commands.  Let Name of Person love with me with a divine indelible love."Light the candle. After the candle is lit, gently pour the honey onto the fruit and sat the following, 
"Name of Person, may you ignite with sweet passion."Now, take your piece of parchment paper and burn it in the flame and recite the following:
"May your heart and soul burn for me."
He definitely has honey on his mind.
Greek mythology is rich with references to honey as a symbol of love and fertility. It was even part of the Greek nuptial rituals, where newlyweds consumed honey to sweeten their union, a tradition that led to the term 'honeymoon'. Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigor.We would like to share a bit about the origin of our parent company's name, O'Shun's Orchard. Oshun, in Yoruba mythology, is revered as the goddess of love, fertility, and prosperity, and is considered one of the most influential orishas (deities). Honey holds a special place in the tales of Oshun; she is often depicted with a pot of honey at her waist, symbolizing her enchanting and seductive powers. Legend tells of Oshun's captivating ritual where she would anoint the lips of her desired with honey from her pot, a gesture symbolizing irresistible allure. Furthermore, honey is a significant offering to Oshun, underscoring its sacredness. As we approach Valentine's Day, it’s clear that honey truly is the essence of love and attraction, making it the perfect emblem for this celebration of love.From the Indian subcontinent to the far reaches of Europe, honey has been a constant in love and fertility rituals. In India’s Ayurveda, honey is used to balance the body’s energies, often recommended to enhance romantic desire.Modern science, too, echoes what our ancestors believed. Honey is rich in antioxidants and boron, a mineral linked to the use of estrogen and testosterone in the body. Studies suggest that honey's nutritional composition can support sexual health, corroborating its historical status as a natural aphrodisiac. A study published in the 'Journal of Sexual Medicine' explores the positive effects of honey on sexual health.Today, honey continues to be a symbol of sweetness and passion. As Valentine’s Day approaches, consider the gift of honey, not just as a sweetener, but as a gesture steeped in history and romance.At SAVAGE BEE-CHES®, we offer a range of honey products that capture this ancient essence. Whether it’s our aromatic California sage honey or the delightful citrus blossom variety, our offerings are perfect for expressing love this Valentine’s Day. Explore our collection [insert link] and let the age-old charm of honey sweeten your romantic gestures.
Give honey a try for this Valentine’s Day, you won’t be disappointed.

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